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Who we are

Catering Alcalá is a catering company in Barcelona, founded in 1976. As a catering company specialized in catering for collectives in Barcelona, its main objective is to offer the highest quality and freshness in its products, as well as offering a healthy and balanced diet to satisfy the needs of the collectives to which it is directed. Catering Alcalá is formed by a human team of highly qualified professionals from the catering sector whose objective is to satisfy the demand of our clients by exercising their work with the utmost rigor and great dedication and always complying with current regulations. Catering Alcalá has the sanitary registry of industries and food products of Catalonia. In our company, sanitary quality is above all, establishing the comprehensive HACCP control in its entirety.

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Catering services throughout the province of Barcelona

Catering Alcalá is dedicated to satisfy catering needs for collectives. Thus Catering Alcalá offers catering for collectives in Barcelona and its surroundings.

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Catering for all groups

Catering for kindergartens and nursery schools

Catering for kindergartens, kindergartens and children's centers in Barcelona

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Catering for schools

We offer catering for schools and study centers

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Catering for high schools

We offer catering for high school and the catering of high school canteens

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Monitors service for school canteens

Monitors responsible for the educational action during the lunch hour

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Catering for school parties and community centers

Catering and entertainment service for all types of parties and celebrations

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Catering for geriatric homes and day centers

We offer catering for geriatric centers and day centers

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Kitchen on site

We offer on-site catering services and on-site cuisine for all types of groups

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Collective catering

We offer catering for all types of collectives

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College residences

. Our dieticians prepare balanced and varied menus that cover all nutritional needs.

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Catering for occupational centers

Healthy, local and custom catering for occupational centers

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Cooking and transportation method of our menus

The menu is placed in isothermal containers, maintaining the appropriate temperature, and guaranteeing their properties.

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