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Catering for university residences in Barcelona

Catering for university residences

We offer our catering for university residences in the province of Barcelona.

At Catering Alcalá we provide the best catering service for university residences and catering for university colleges with the knowledge and professionalism provided by our many years of experience.

The university public always requires very special attention. At Catering Alcalá we know that healthy food is an essential pillar in the day-to-day life of university students. For this reason, we offer in our catering services for university residences proximity products that meet all the needs and demands of these young students who are constantly changing: natural, fresh and healthy products.

At Catering Alcalá we take the specific needs of each student center and residence very seriously, so we always prepare catering and customized menus, varied and balanced for each university residence.

Do you need more information about our catering service for university residences in Barcelona? Contact us, we'll be happy to help you in your catering needs

Catering for all groups

Catering for kindergartens and nursery schools

Catering for kindergartens, kindergartens and children's centers in Barcelona

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Catering for schools

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College residences

. Our dieticians prepare balanced and varied menus that cover all nutritional needs.

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Cooking and transportation method of our menus

The menu is placed in isothermal containers, maintaining the appropriate temperature, and guaranteeing their properties.

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